Fittest Company

We are looking for the sportiest company in Switzerland!

«The fittest company in Switzerland» is the company with the, on average, most successful teams. This is calculated by dividing the average ranking within each category by a certain factor multiplicated with the number of teams of each company who reached the finishline. The company with the least points wins the ranking. Factor x is set to value the number of teams that compete for one company. The more teams participate, the higher the denominator becomes.

This ranking does only include companies with three or more registered teams. Of these three teams one has to be male members only, one female members only and one has to be a mixed team. The composition of all other teams is free. The winning company will receive a challenge cup for one year and is allowed to carry the title «the fittest company in Switzerland»

Formula «the fittest company in Switzerland»

Sum of rankings within each category / (number of finished teams multiplicated by Factor x)

Number of teams who reached the finish line (Factor x):

3 (Factor 1,0)
4 (Factor 1,1)
5 (Factor 1,2)
6 (Factor 1,3)
7 (Factor 1,4)
8 (Factor 1,5)
9 (Factor 1,6)
10 (Factor 1,7)
11 (Factor 1,8)
12 (Factor 1,9)
et cetera

Winners and Ranking 2017

Rank Company Number of teams Factor Product Sum Total
1. Kantonspolizei Zürich 7 1.4 9.8 96 9.80
2. Deloitte 57 6.4 364.8 6170 16.91
3. Stadtpolizei Zürich 8 1.5 12 255 21.25
All Rankings

Eternal Ranking

Rank Company Wins
1. Deloitte 2
1. Stadtpolizei Zürich 2
3. Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG 1
3. Google 1
3. Kantonspolizei Zürich 1